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Helping heart-centered entrepreneurs create success in their lives by helping them connect to more of who they are.

Connect to your pure potential, access your inner wisdom and creativity and then create your life from there.

Discover what holds you back and release these blocks. Do you have limiting beliefs running in the background of your mind? Do your beliefs line up with your core values? If not, you're not functioning at your optimal level.

I help clients identify and relesase what gets in the way of their progress. When you know what holds you back, you have the power to change it. Change your beliefs and your life changes.

 If you're ready to take your life to the next level, schedule a complimentary call. We'll discuss your goals and see if we're a mutual fit.

Recent Testimonials


Sumi is able to focus in on current and old emotions that I didn't even know I had...


I very much appreciate your clearings, they do seem to make a real difference, and you seem to have an uncanny perceptibility...