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During a session we discuss your goals and look at where the blocks are to you achieving them. We look at what limiting beliefs you have, the ones not supporting your goals, as well as any emotional components or past events impacting your ability to take action. We look at what drives you - what patterns and beliefs you have - and what parts are out of alignment with your desired outcome. Some of the techniques I use include EFT, or the Emotional Freedom Technique and Ask & Receive. By using these tools to implement the desired changes you want, you're able to move move quickly through what gets in the way of your success.

To have success in pursuing a goal or an lifestyle change, you have to be able to commit 100% to having it. This means it resonates 100%, with all aspects of who you are - on a mental, emotional, physical, and energetic level. If any part of you is out of alignment with your desired results, the success is limited and it feels like a struggle. When you committ 100% to having what you want, your life changes. You gain clarity and it's easier to put in the effort needed to succeed.

Each person is uniquely different. The work I do with each client is tailored to what supports them in reaching their desired goals.

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